The Abstracted art exhibition currently on display at Country Club Tasmania, is a brave show and makes a strong statement  and a challenge to local artists to take risks and explore the unknown.

This is the first abstract exhibition at this gallery. There were 5 paintings sold on the opening night.

The work is generally well presented. Some of the canvasses however, would benefit from a strong, simple frame. There is evidence of risk-taking and experimentation. The work celebrates the accidental that often occurs in the production of abstract art. All artists have shown that at some stage they have taken control of their work.

What is hidden is the effort made by each artist in the production of this work. A lot of time was spent in experimentation and research. Problems arose and  were solved, challenges were set and were met.

What is not known is that these artists all come from a “traditional” background. They wanted a challenge and they certainly got one, met it head on and succeeded!

Abstract art is about process, the product is the bonus.

There is a strong organic feel to many of the paintings due to the influence of the workshops that the artists experienced where organic forms were often employed as starting points.

All of the artists show a firm understanding of technique and composition. Colours have been appropriately employed in each of the paintings in respect of their subject.

A exhibition well worth your inspection!


Curator, Country Club Tasmania

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  1. Dors says:

    some very interesting work there Richard. I just wish I lived in Tasmania.

    I can imagine how proud your students feel and how proud of then you would be. Great achievements. I bet they had so much fun creating.

  2. Really great photos that provide a glimpse for long distance viewers such as myself. Really LOVE the strong colours and designs…okay…I have to say I love this kind of abstract art….one day I might even chance some in my new home!!!!
    Hope you get a chance to relax and get some drawing done…

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks April, it has been rather hectic here and I’m hoping to slow down before Christmas. I decided to tackle a large drawing as it enables me to work in bursts and take my time. I also have a garden that’s crying out for attention!
      Regards, Richard

  3. Garden: you and me both!!!!

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