What a busy time last week was! I had to take down an exhibition and organise the hanging of two others as well as judge and open an exhibition. As well. I confirmed an exhibition of my own cp work in Hobart next July and a two-day workshop there in February. I did mange however, to spend some time on my latest coloured pencil drawing which is yet to be titled.

Being 60 x 80 cm, it is rather large for this medium, but I need it to be this size in order to show the immense detail that will appear on the door and to set the mood inside the room.

I hope to finish the blocking – out early this coming week, but drawings of this size and complexity take time, so I must be patient!

You can see my “Cheshunt” mug sitting on the table. There’s a story here that I will tell once the drawing is completed.


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artist, art curator, art teacher, art judge, art critic
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2 Responses to CP DRAWING UPDATE

  1. Dors says:

    Your art is as intriguing as your stories. I am watching this with great interest.
    I feel this is going to be a masterpiece .

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