The Verdict

I think the camera is a wonderful tool that the artist can use in the development of his or her art. It opens up so many possibilities, only restricted by our imagination, self-confidence and our preparedness to challenge ourselves as often as possible.

There is a danger however, of the camera being the sole source of inspiration. This results in imitations of photos that are then presented as art. What does one learn by this practice? Where is one’s individuality, one’s style? Is this honest art, or art that is second hand?

I admire the camera for what it can do for me, as long as I tell it what to do. Sure, there are times when accidental photos occur and that’s great. We should recognise and celebrate those moments. But we can never improve on or replace the artist’s eye.

I am disappointed with the lack of regard for technique, especially in drawing that I see today in younger artists. Maybe it’s a sign of the times, maybe it’s just me remembering the extent of my art training.

As artists we have the opportunity and right to use whatever means we can to create our work. But it’s use creating the work, not the technology.

Today’s featured images are from a series I took at Launceston’s Cataract Gorge.

Tomorrow: My latest drawing is finished!



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2 Responses to THE CAMERA: ALLY OR MILLSTONE? Part 3.

  1. Gillian says:

    An interesting and thought-provoking series of articles, Richard. I never had any art training beyond school – it was just never considered as a career by my parents and I was never encouraged.
    So, I’ve taught myself many things over the years and have only now come to appreciate sketching, both as a tool and as art in it’s own right. Previously it was photography that gave me a new way of ‘seeing’ (and yes, a good macro lens is a joy!) – now it’s sketching.
    Are you familiar with the Urban Sketchers site? It’s given me so much inspiration.

    Anyway, I digress, thank you for the trouble you always take to make these posts. Maybe one day you’d consider as tutorial on ways to make impressionist CP art? It keeps eluding me. LOL.

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