During my ‘delving into my mapping drawers time’ on Sunday, I came across some sketches that I had dcompleted in the early 1990s.

Today’s examples are two Tasmanian landscapes. Tomorrow I shall post an example of a sketch with more detail.

Sketching is one of the most basic forms of art communication. Information is quickly realised, usually on paper and often in pencil. A watercolour wash can be added to give extra definition.

Sketches are often seen only as plans rather than finished artworks, but some can be seen as serious art statements. I love the freshness and simplicity in framed sketches. There’s something quite humble and honest about this type of art.

The art of Gillian Mowbray deserves accolades (thefading I especially love Gillian’s depiction of buildings.

Most artists at some time in their creative journey produce sketches. Whether for serious art or just planning, sketches are an important cog in the creative process.


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2 Responses to SKETCHING

  1. Gillian says:

    Oh how very kind you are, Richard.

    You’ll know that I’m new to sketching but it’s given me such pleasure I would recommend the practice to anyone. It is habit-forming!

    Your sketches are charming – maybe that’s the impressionism that I seek. They are fresh and spontaneous and empower the viewer.

    I want to delve into your map drawers too!

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