Among some of the drawings that I discovered last Sunday were several small abstracts that I had completed in the early 90s.

Coloured pencil abstracts are rarely seen in galleries in Tasmania. There are several contemporary galleries displaying abstracts, usually in acrylics, with the odd oil painting here and there.

Because of their nature, coloured pencils do not lend themselves to large works, but excel on a smaller scale. It is very hard however to sell small abstracts here as they compete with digital artworks and printmaking.

Tomorrow: An update on my latest drawing.



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4 Responses to OLD ABSTRACTS

  1. In school I was so envious of a wealthy girl whose parents bought her all the colored pencils she wanted, and she could afford to create very large works on paper. She applied it so thickly that she’d use up whole sets for each piece. I like yours, they are very lush. They have a sgraffito-esque feel to them.

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