When does a sketch become a genuine drawing? Are sketches simply quick, easy statements that aren’t serious in terms of finished art? Should sketches always be cheap in price?

Today’s featured cp drawings are as close to a ‘finished, detailed sketch’ that I do. Once framed and hung in a gallery, are they genuine drawings? Is detail always important? So many questions!

During the 90s, my drawing style became very loose and carefree. Was I going through a sketch stage or was my hard-edged style really coming to the fore? I don’t know. What I do remember was that all the work I sold contained a lot of detail. People love information when buying art they like – well they do here, where I live.

Sketching is a wonderful asset to the creative process. Its quick and easy nature enables one to get ideas down without too much fuss and procrastination. There seems to be a lot of joy in the freedom of sketching.

Detail in any artwork isn’t that important. I love very clever art that can say a lot with very little.

Sketching deserves greater respect as genuine, finished artwork.


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3 Responses to SKETCHING Part 3.

  1. Gillian says:

    Oh I do love that 2nd one! the central tree seems to break all the rules of composition but it really speaks to me.
    Hm, when is a sketch a drawing? When is a drawing a painting? Seems to me that art is art and labelling it is denying it status. Put it in a frame and it’s immediately more important somehow.
    Thank you for the inspiration, as always, Richard.

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