When I sketch, I often find myself tending to be quite aggressive with my pencils. Is this a masculine thing? Am I just frustrated? Do I sense an opportunity for complete freedom?

Whatever the reasons, I always enjoy the experience of sketching. I don’t have to be photographically accurate and neat. I can make mistakes and cover them up!

Maybe the real me is finally making an appearance.

Today’s featured shell drawings were a delight to create. I still remember drawing (sketching?) them in the early 90s.

I do recommend that if you push a pencil as hard as I do sometimes, use heavyweight paper. I find that Polychromos pencils are ideal for this type of work.

Tomorrow: My latest drawing is almost completed



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3 Responses to SKETCHING Part 4.

  1. Lorraine McNeair says:

    Hi Richard – love your photo of the midlands – it can be a very stark place, but also very beautiful. I have been trying for several years to complete a piece of work based on the midlands, but haven’t been yet successful – it usually turns out being something else.

  2. artkleko says:

    Thanks Lorraine, the Midlands certainly is a place of many moods. It doesn’t matter that your attempts have turned out to be different than you had intended. That’s the great thing about art – we are all different and should celebrate differences even in our own work as well as the work of others.

  3. Lorraine McNeair says:

    Yes, I agree with what you say – but I knew what I wanted to convey, but it hasn’t yet happened. BUT – I will persist, until I do get what I want.

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