This year I produced more drawings than I had intended. I was trying to produce less work that took me more time, was more detailed and sensitive. Well, I am pleased to report that my work became more sensitive and detailed, not that detail really matters, it’s just that it suited the subjects I drew.

As the year progressed the average size of my drawings increased. I did however, produce a series of smaller works. My drawings are thematically based and I usually produce anywhere from 2 – 10 works, often one after the other. I have always liked to work in themes as it gives me the chance to explore an idea more fully than would be the case with a single drawing.

My themes this year were: Rocks, Shells, Bread, An Enamel Mug, Tumbling Water, Logs, Natural and Man-Made Graffiti,  Religious Symbolism, Light and Abstracts based on Nature. I have also commenced a series looking at known objects in a completely different way.

Some of my themes have been with me for a number of years. The Enamel Mug is new, and may appear again next year.

Today’s images are examples from some of my Rock studies.

Tomorrow: My goals for next year.



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2 Responses to SETTING GOALS Part 2.

  1. Gillian says:

    Your work is always beautiful as well as interesting to ponder. So much more than the sum of the parts. Your individual colour palette ties them together in a unique way.
    I stopped making new year plans and resolutions. I’m always trying new things and setting myself mini-goals and the main one for me recently has been keeping a sketch journal. That is taking me in new directions. Do you find that? Art is like an ever branching road!

    • artkleko says:

      Thank you Gillian for your kind words. I like your approach to the New year. Art certainly does take you on many journeys. I think the more flexible you are, the better your work becomes. A Happy New Year to you!

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