I’m well into my latest drawing, Buttscape, a result of an idea I had from the drawing Liar, liar, liar that I began last week. The latter drawing has given me another  idea, this time with beer cans that I intend to explore sometime next month.

I like to tackle ideas while they are fresh in my mind and in my visual diary, even if it means leaving the drawing one is currently working on.

Artists need to be flexible. Sometimes one’s work can be too predictable and the process of creating it becomes mechanical. The process of creating any art should be enjoyable; the product is the bonus.



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  1. Gillian says:

    Amazing idea – amazing artwork, as always. You bring quite uncomfortable human traits to the surface and make us think. Funnily enough when I saw the title I was thinking in terms of the American slang word ‘butt’. That too has been used in a landscape format!
    Oh how I hate to see cigarette butts everywhere – chewing gum too. Yuk.

    Hope you have a happy new year, Richard – you’ve already started yours as I type this. Over 3 hours to go for us here.

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