Here is my favourite drawing of 2009. Where’s the rest you are no doubt asking! Well, I can’t show you at this point in time because it is my entry for this year’s Glover Art Prize. It will posted at a later date.

This is my favourite drawing because I believe it’s the best cp work I have ever done. It is full of mark making, abstraction and nostalgia. It has certainly been the most difficult drawing task that I have ever undertaken, but one that was very enjoyable at all stages. I didn’t rush this work, instead I chose to work on it in bursts, often leaving it for a week or two before continuing with its creation.

At 107 x 80 cm (unframed) it is quite a large cp work. It has a strong visual presence and three-dimensional qualities.

I’m glad it’s finished, but I am already planning another work of similar size.


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1 Response to MY 2009 FAVOURITE CP DRAWING

  1. Margaret says:

    What a tease you are Richard! Guess we’ll just have to wait until March 2010 to view the finished piece. Isn’t it a great feeling to complete a project and feel totally satisfied with it. I have just had the joy of ‘building’ a papier mache cat for Little Bridget – it felt good to get my hands all mucky doing something completely different. Mind you, the acrylics came in ‘handy’ for Bridget too!!
    I will look forward to seeing more scintillating and diverse subjects from your cps. Bless

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