This building was one of the busiest places at Brickendon and each day blacksmiths would toil over two forges producing and repairing all the required metalwork. It must have been a fabulous sight in its heyday!

I was captivated by the silence of the building and tried to image what it would have been like standing there all those years ago. The noise, the heat and the smell …

I plan to create a drawing of some aspect of this building and its blacksmithing heritage. I’m not sure yet about its composition, but I would like to feature the anvil pictured. The drawing will probably be dark and sombre, but not depressing. It needs to be a celebration of the important role this building played in the farm’s early days. This is the sort of challenge I look forward to.

Tomorrow: I visit the Pillar Granary.



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  1. Dors says:

    Oh more great art inspirations here. Great photos Richard.
    You will have enough here to last you a while.

    Lovely old buildings and tools.

  2. Thanks Dors. There’s certainly a lot on offer at Brickendon. I’m not sure what to do yet, but I am prepared to give it some time before deciding.

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