I have started to clean out my studio and yesterday I found a symbolic landscape drawing that I had filed away in my rack at some stage over a year ago. I am now ready to complete this drawing and hope to tackle it sometime this week.

I always put work away when I’m tired of it or because it’s not working and I need time away from it. Looking at this drawing after a long break made me realise what needed to be done.

There are days when I want to start new work, days when I am keen to continue current work and there are days when I want to work on a drawing that is unfinished. I’m sure all artists have these kind of days. Of course, there are days when we don’t want to work at all!

I love working with landscape symbols that have strong Christian undertones. Can you work out what this drawing is about?


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2 Responses to SYMBOLISM

  1. Gillian says:

    I love the earthy tones you’ve used for this.
    Since the central stones are white maybe they symbolise purity? The enclosed design might indicate family and love?

    LOL – I’m useless at these things.

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