In 1993 I produced a series of abstract coloured pencil drawings on smooth, heavy paper. I ‘found’ this one during my studio clean-out. It’s framed and in good condition and I’ll hang it somewhere as it was my favourite of all the drawings that I produced in that series.

Back then I was working with the theme of transparency – shape over shape, shape passing through shape using polychromos pencils. These pencils are ideal for such work as they are strong and sharpen to a point easily and maintain that point for quite awhile. I found that white paper was the best for such transparent work, the smoother the surface the better. To obtain accurate geometric shapes I made a series of templates. These worked well as they gave me control as well as clearly defined colours and shapes. Making templates from clear acrylic is ideal for this type of work.

At 65 x 29.5 cm, it has a strong visual presence.

Abstracts in coloured pencils are very challenging, but even harder to sell!


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  1. Lovely piece, definitely something very unique. I like your style.

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