During the middle of my clean-out session in my studio I came across three examples of my work from the 1980s.

Top: An oil painting of a view from the Lake Highway, south of Deloraine.

Middle: An oil pastel drawing of a ditch at Sisters Creek in NorthWest Tasmania.

Bottom: A log partly submerged in the Liffey River made from Tasmanian wool that has been dyed with local vegetable and wood dyes, as the result of an exhibition involving a wood carver, a woollen jumper designer and producer, and me!

Quite a diverse selection, but during that time I was quite experimental with my art.

The hard-edged nature of my work was very evident during this time. I enjoyed painting, but loved drawing and it wasn’t long before I stopped working inoils and concentrated more on pastels, both oil and chalk.

Drawing with coloured pencils was the next phase of my art and it’s still with me today.

Looking back on my art journey I feel well-satisfied that I have had so many diverse art experiences. I suppose I never really felt comfortable with any of them until I ‘settled down’ and worked with coloured pencils although there was a time two years ago when I nearly gave them up and returned to painting. But I didn’t, thanks to Australian artist Belinda Lindhardt who founded the Australian Coloured Pencil Group. I’m more interested in coloured pencil art now than I ever was.


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2 Responses to TIME TRAVELLER

  1. Tomas says:

    I rejoice for you. It’s fine to do what you love the most. Personally I have no experience in pencil drawing, yet once I had luck to visit show were these artworks were exhibited – that was something unforgettable.
    It seems that the colored pencils have a value out of themselves – they add the additional message to the artwork- return back the purity of baby awe towards the world. That challenges. I think only very good people can work with colored pencils.

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