It’s always a challenge for me coming up with something fresh and new in my art. I don’t like to stick to anything for too long, although there has been exceptions over the past few years.

You can’t just sit down in your studio and dream up new ideas every week, well I can’t. I have learnt through experience that it’s best for the ideas to come to you. The trouble is that you have to recognise them as being potential subjects for your art. These ideas can come at any time, any where. You always have to be alert to the possibilities that everyday experiences can have on your art.

During my recent trip to Hobart I wanted to photograph cigarette butts for my latest drawing ( see Wednesday’s post) and I did, but when I printed off some of the images in my studio the other week I saw the potential for another piece of work, this time on the theme of ‘rubbish’, the things we discard.

I was fascinated by what I saw in the images I took, so much so that I thought it would make an ideal drawing subject.

Today’s images feature some of the objects that will be included. The chips were an addition courtesy of Wednesday’s night’s tea, thanks to Val my darling wife.

The scene is a carpark corner at Constitution Dock in Hobart. The yellow you can see on the bitumen surface is part of a ‘no standing’ yellow line.

I love researching ideas as they often result in the unexpected. Enthusiasm and excitement are essential ingredients for an artist to ‘perform’, don’t you think?


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4 Responses to LOOKING FOR IDEAS

  1. april jarocka says:

    Hi Richard. I love these photos..I’m having a little giggle as I think of the looks you might have received from onlookers as you pointed your camera at the cigarette butts!
    I agree totally with you about ideas coming to you and certainly this week I have seen some wonderful things, just by opening up my eyes.

  2. Barb Stachow says:

    did you do these in colored pencil? If so they are fantastically realistic! Wonderful talent you have!

    • artkleko says:

      No Barb, they were reference photos that I took in preparation for Tasmanian Take-Away, which I have posted on my blog awhile ago. That drawing is currently on display in a major art exhibition.

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