Not all abstract paintings need framing, especially when painted on canvas. Large works have a strong visual presence and rarely need a frame. A clean painted edge usually suffices. I’m not a fan of leaving the sides of canvases ‘as-is’, as they often look ‘tacky’ and paint-splattered.

The current exhibition at Launceston’s Country Club Tasmania that I am curating, contains a mixture of framed and unframed abstract works that look good next to each other.

Abstracts on paper are a different matter. Framing can easily result in ‘traditional’ moulding being used. Abstracts are not traditional paintings and need simple, clean frames and neutral mounts.

Today’s featured painting is an acrylic on watercolour paper based on a rock formation at Hawley, on Tasmania’s North Coast. At 100 x 125 cm, it is quite large and heavily detailed, hence the simple frame.


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  1. Gillian says:

    I agree with you about contemporary work needing simple frames. often it’s not until you add a frame that the painting starts to sing. Your abstract looks stunning, Richard.

    I also agree about leaving box canvasses untreated at the edges. I’ve seen some very good art spoilt by such a cavalier attitiude to how the work will be seen – and in pricey galleries too!

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