I didn’t visit Brickendon as planned yesterday as it was too overcast despite being 26c. I need a still day with strong light to get the right ‘mood’ for my proposed Blacksmiths’ Shop drawing.

I already have a plan (as shown today) that has some merit, but I am toying with the idea of a horizontal, not vertical drawing. This will mean a radical change in the foreground structure and may see the inclusion of several blacksmithing tools.

Light and shadow fascinates me and I want to capture the sense of the ‘old days’ of the shop when there was noise, heat, light, laughter and activity. Or maybe this will be  a tribute to those who once made this shop such a hive of activity and a vital part of this magnificent property called Brickendon.

How do you say all of that in a drawing?

That’s my challenge.

Darkly-lit rooms are not always depressing and sinister; they can be magical places where we are transported back in time to experience what it must have been like then. Art is a wonderful medium for expressing imagination and challenges us to leap out of our comfort zone into the unknown.

I love it!!

Art is not about just ‘doing it’. Research, planning and decision making are so important in the creative process. Art isn’t about copying something, it’s about personal interpretation and feelings. There has to be a part of ‘you’ in your work. What you have to say must count. Every artist has a responsibility to say something!



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  1. I think you are sooo right when you say we have a responsibility to say something in our work. Researching my topic is something I need to do more of so your post was a good reminder.
    It’s been a long time since I had a creative process…lol. Thanks.

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