I haven’t been able to commence a drawing from my visits to Brickendon. I have a couple of ideas, but not the motivation at this stage. I shall wait until I’m suitably inspired.

It’s important not to force yourself to produce artwork when you’re not in the mood. Motivation is everything, it means work that is truly personal and successful.

I move from one topic to another and often I’ll go back again to re-kindle an idea that I see as having a new dimension to it. I don’t see anything wrong with this practice. You can overwork an idea if you consistently repeat it in a series of works that look the same. The secret is to explore your idea as broadly as possible and to keep each work fresh and interesting.

This is certainly why I have returned to my triangle theme as can be seen in today’s images. The top photo has been realised in a drawing, but the quick sketch (below) is an idea that I have and intend to develop.

I have commenced a new work and I’ll post an update later in the week.



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