In my role as curator of the Mezzanine Gallery, at Country Club Tasmania, I get to meet a broad range of artists and see their work. It’s nice to hang an exhibition of art that is much different from the ‘norm’.

North West Coast artist  Suzanne Hennessy, has won many awards for her work and is extremely prolific and very passionate about her art.

I will officially open her latest exhibition this coming Thursday evening. It comprises 51 pen and watercolour works that are of musicians performing. Many of them have been signed by the performers.

All the work has been drawn “live” and it is very refreshing to see an artist who is prepared (and confident) to create their art this way.

I shall complete the hanging tomorrow, when I shall take the time to have a longer look at each work in preparation for my opening night speech.



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2 Responses to MUSICAL MOMENTS

  1. Erin Hill says:

    I agree. ‘Live’ means vitality. I like the works and so fresh. Hope she does well.
    Cheers, Erin

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