Artists should never underestimate the value and power of line. This really came home to me on Wednesday when I was putting the finishing touches to Suzanne Hennessy’s exhibition Musical Moments. As you will read in my exhibition review (coming soon), I place a high value on the use of expressive lines as a way to show movement, depth and character.

Today’s featured drawings were created using a black biro. I love these pens and starting using them when I was a teenager. This is a very disciplined way to draw as you can’t rub out your mistakes, but you do learn how to cover any unwanted or misplaced lines!

Lines can be simple, gentle marks, or strong, expressive statements. Varying the tone of your lines adds depth. There is no need to show absolute detail in every area of the composition. Understating and minimal detail adds a sense of mystery to each work.

Always give the viewer something to work out, something to think about or imagine. This is one of the problems with photo-realistic work in that it’s all there for you to see. There’s more to art than just observation!

The drawings featured today are:

TOP: A shell study.

MIDDLE: Sisters Creek, Northwest Tasmania.

BOTTOM: A cottage at Pyengana in Tasmania’s Northeast.

Tomorrow: Movement expressed in line drawings of water.



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4 Responses to THE VALUE OF LINE 1.

  1. Dors says:

    Great Biro drawings. making a mistake and cannot erase… I guess if you can’t fix it, hide it.

    I love these drawings . I am in awe at they way you do them with a Biro.

  2. muzyka says:

    What do you think about music of the ’80 and ’90?

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