Today’s images feature examples of water in line, using a biro. One of the disadvantages of using this medium is that there is little variation in the thickness of line. To compensate this I lay down many strokes side by side, or overlapping to create the feeling of depth and tone.

Let’s face it, all drawing (and art for that matter) is an illusion. It’s more about what you think you see, rather than what you actually see.

Drawing with line is fun, but requires a good deal of patience. Tonal areas require layering and there needs to be areas of understating (lack of detail) to give a balance to the composition.

TOP: The Liffey Falls, a popular destination with locals and tourists alike in Northern Tasmania.

MIDDLE: The Liffey River, a gentle stream that winds its way through mountains and pastures to join the South Esk River at Hadspen, not far from Launceston.

BOTTOM: St. Columba Falls, a spectacular tourist attraction near Pyengana in Tasmania’s Northeast Highlands.

Part 2. will be posted tomorrow.


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4 Responses to WATER IN LINE 1.

  1. Gillian says:

    I’m enjoying all your line work. Biros are fun to use but sometimes they can leave a blob – always in the worst possible place. LOL.

  2. Dors says:

    Love these Biro drawings Richard. Lots of fine detail and great tones.

    I have never used Biro except for doodling when I am on the phone.
    Maybe I will try it one day.

    Great job.

  3. rockwell says:

    Fantastic work buddy, continue the good work.

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