Farm House Dunrobin, Derwent Valley. Tasmania.

Biro on cartridge paper.

With such a huge range of drawings pens on the market, you may wonder why I prefer to draw with a biro. It’s all about the variation in tone that I require to give depth to my work.

Let’s compare:

Fine Line Felt Pen: Excellent ink quality and strong, even line. Various line widths available. The problem is that after several hours’ use the tip starts to wear, resulting in a much wider line.

Fine Line Pen with a stainless steel tip: These contain pigment ink that is permanent, waterproof and fade-resistant. They produce a consistent, even line, but don’t vary in tone.

Biro: Cheap, long-lasting, with the ability to make very light lines when required. Ink quality is good, but the flow can be erratic at times.

My preference is the biro, because I can lightly block-out each drawing and then build up the tone using layers of line of different strengths.

What do you use?


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10 Responses to BIRO OR FINE LINER?

  1. Dors says:

    That’s interesting Richard. so the old cheap Biro works the best.
    You are a Pro…I would need to use an eraser too much to use Biro.
    I will give it a go though… It’s always good to try many mediums.

    Thanks for sharing Richard. Your comments are always very interesting.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks for your comments Dors. The reason I prefer biros to fine liners is that you can draw lightly, then build up the tone. Fine liners are brilliant to use if you want a consistent, dark line.

  2. Dors says:

    Thank you Richard. I never thought of Biro building up tonal layers….Do you use a fine or medium point Biro?

  3. Chelsea says:

    oh thats brilliant. I love it. Does it work better on certain papers?

  4. I use a fine point Bic biro Dors.

  5. Hi Chelsea! Soft papers are better as you don’t have to press as hard. Cartridge is cheap and does a good job. Heavy weight, smooth papers are excellent. If you use a light weight paper, add another sheet underneath because any uneven areas on your drawing board will show through in your drawing.

  6. Your WP design looks amazing.

  7. artkleko says:

    Thank you Kostenlos for your encouraging words.

  8. antfox says:

    I have been happy using a biro. I used to carry a fountain pen and/or a Rotring sketch pen, but these things are hard to get and expensive – and as I can be a wee bit careless about where I have left things (somewhere in a parallel universe there is a planet populated entirely with pens I have lost), I always go back to the biro.
    … So, I vote Biro!

    ps – lovely drawing!

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