Today’s images come from the West Coast of Tasmania, a wild, rugged area that is very popular with tourists. As with yesterday’s featured images, both of these are quite dark. This is due to the dense forest in the area and also to the way I use blacklead pencils.

In both drawings I have used light to give a strong contrast to the areas of shadow. Drawings such as these are produced on heavy, rough watercolour paper. Pencils used were HB, 2B, 6B and EE.


H – hard, light tones.  HB, H, 2H – 8H.

B – soft, dark tones. B, 2B – 8B.

Graphite pencils are very responsive and wonderful to work with.

Tomorrow I will talk about the various papers I use.


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2 Responses to BLACKLEAD PENCILS Part 2.

  1. Doreen Cross says:

    Hi Richard. I love both of these drawings. I really like the dark tones you have achieved here.

    I think that is why I enjoy graphite so much. The beautiful tones one can achieve.
    I am hanging on every word you say about graphite, I think graphite would have to be my favourite medium.

    Hmmm I am thinking EE would that be Electric Eraser ? I don’t know of EE pencils.

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