Today’s featured blacklead pencil drawing is of a rural scene near Ross, in Tasmania’s Midlands.

The majority of tone is mid-grey, with less shadow and dark tone than was evident in my earlier work.

A drawing such as this doesn’t need to be fully shaded. Areas of white work well as they not only contrast with the detail of the composition, but they give the viewer the chance to imagine what is happening.



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2 Responses to BLACKLEAD PENCILS Part 6.

  1. Gillian says:

    I’m really enjoying this monochromatic series, Richard. They look stunning and show off your skills to the max. I’ve used mountboard for CP work in the past and it works well although I found that it couldn’t be worked over many layers. It’s great to use up those bits that we all have lurking in cupboards!

  2. Thanks Gillian for your remarks. I agree with you about the lack of layers that you get with mountboard, and also that it’s a great way to use the scrap pieces that seem to gather in one’s studio!

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