“Let the Operation Begin …”

Today’s post is number 500.

With this year’s Glover Prize still very much ‘alive’ in my mind, I have commenced my entry for next year. As is so often the case, I have laid out all the coloured pencils that I think I will need. This drawing will be 60 x 120 cm, maybe slightly wider, but I shall see how it progresses over the next 9 months. I want it finished before Christmas. I have tentatively planned a second drawing which my be realised later on.

I am once again using coloured pencil despite  no representation from this medium in this year’s Glover Prize. I relish the challenge of competing against the ‘big guns’ (oil and acrylic) once more.

I am not revealing any details concerning what the drawing is about except that it will be loud and colourful.

Why have I started an entry so early? You need to start when you have an idea, not before. While a subject is fresh in your mind you must put it to paper, then onto canvas, board or whatever you paint on. Strike while the iron is hot!



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8 Responses to THE GLOVER PRIZE 2011

  1. Lorraine McNeair says:

    I am hoping Richard that after I do your workshop I will be able to come up with a new idea, too. In bed last night (my thinking time, instead of sleeping) I came up with an idea which I will try.

  2. I hope your idea works out for you Lorraine.

  3. Bun says:

    Ohhh good luck Mr K… hope it stays fresh and exciting for you the whole way through!

  4. Dors says:

    An early start.What better way .
    Good luck Richard and I hope it all runs smoothly over the next 9 months. At least you can pick up when the mood takes you without any panic to hurry.

    Nice color choice.
    Go for it Richard, make it the best. 😀

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