Today I am supposed to be at the historic property Cheshunt, with a class of enthusiastic members from the Launceston Art Society, but rain has meant that the class will be held next Friday ( fingers crossed). We’ve had a glorious week of warm, dry weather and of all days it has to rain on Friday! One shouldn’t complain, we can always do with a drop of rain.

I need to spend a great deal of my teaching time outside, so it is pointless trying to conduct an art class in inclement conditions.

Today’s images come from my mug theme that I have been involved with at Cheshunt over the past twelve months.

I have included an extract from some of my class notes which are a forerunner of my upcoming series on How to Win an Art Prize.

YOUR PAINTING: Your art must ‘say’ something. It’s not just a matter of recording something because it’s there. Entering an art prize such as ‘Meandering’ challenges you to produce something that will address one of the sections as set down in the entry form:

Natural Landscape         Agriculture         People of the Valley

Essence of the Valley         Heritage

YOUR ARTIST’S STATEMENT: It’s a good idea to try to write this before you even start painting (once you have decided what to do) as it helps clarify what you are doing. You can update your statement at any time.

COMPOSITION: Pay attention to the way you arrange your painting. Have a focal point (subject), don’t make the subject in your painting too obvious, have some areas of mystery. Make the viewer look carefully at your work. Respect the medium you are working with.

Challenge yourself to be different, even daring!

This is the time where an extraordinary painting is required, not an ordinary one.



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