The most important aspect of any painting or drawing is to get the composition right before you start. It’s not just a matter of looking at something and recording it. Your art needs to say something.

Take the hillside featured in today’s images.  I took several photos that I cropped and narrowed down to 4 ‘possibles’. Which one would you choose? You may not choose any! I ended up by drawing the first image. It is divided into 3 horizontal sections that I found appealing. This is how I see things and I expect other artists would see this hillside differently. That’s what art is all about.

In any composition there must be a focal point, something to ‘rest’ the eye on. Shapes, colours and lines that lead to the subject can only enhance the visual balance of the artwork.

If you are interested in a single subject such as a hillside, I recommend that you take heaps of photos or make several drawings and look at the subject from as many different angles as your imagination and patience will allow you.

The more interesting your painting, the more viewers will attract.

Tomorrow: Part 1. of  How to win an Art Prize.


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