Winning an art prize, regardless of its status or worth, is a major event in an artist’s life. Not all artists are interested in entering an art prize for a number of reasons. Some feel their work is simply not good enough; others are overwhelmed by the standards demanded, while there are those who don’t like having their work judged. Many artists choose simply to sell their work locally and/or produce their work at their own pace.

Entering any art prize puts your work ‘under the microscope’; you are judged by your peers. On the plus side such judgements give you credibility and status in the art community not only with other artists, but with the general public.

To enter any art prize you need to have produced artwork that is extraordinary, not ordinary. This has to be the best you can do (at the time). You need to have respect for the medium you are working in, show a strong grasp of technical excellence and aesthetics. Artists need to be fully aware of the nature of the prize they are entering, who the judges are and what is popular with patrons. This doesn’t mean that you paint for a particular market, it means that you make sure that your work is noticed.

There are many definitions of “winning”. Firstly, being selected for exhibition in any art prize is a ‘win’, your work was considered good enough to be hung with all the other selected entries; well done, you are a winner! Not all work that is entered is always chosen. If you don’t meet the selection criteria, your work will be confused. Always carefully read the selection criteria before entering any art prize. Don’t forget to get your entry form in on time!

Today’s images feature three of my  drawings that have been prize winners at three very different art prizes.

More tomorrow.



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5 Responses to HOW TO WIN AN ART PRIZE: Part 1.

  1. daliana says:

    Good luck to you Richard! Wonderful work!

  2. Susanne Haun says:

    Hi Richard,

    that was a good theme and I like to read it.
    In Germany there are many prizes but there are many artist to want them.

    It’s a lot of work to write all the letters of applications but for me it is an inspiration for my art because there are many interesting themes.

    Greetings from Berlin, Germany to Australia

  3. USA Travel says:

    Cheers, I’m going to put together all the information I can about travel before setting off on my 1 Year trip across the US states!

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