Being an artist can be quite a lonely experience. You need time and space to focus on your work, usually without any distractions. I know from experience that there are days when you aren’t motivated and there are those days when your creativity bursts forth and it all comes together with brilliant results!

Artists need to feel satisfied and confident about their own work before it is shown to anyone else. Exhibiting your art is a big step into the outside world. Entering an art prize is a giant leap in one’s faith in one’s ability, but it’s a step that should be taken by all artists at some stage in their career.

Being selected to be hung in an art award is recognition that you are doing something right, because judgements have been made about your work by your peers. You are a winner!

This respect is worth more than what you gain through the sale of your work. Anyone can buy any artwork as long as they like it and are prepared to pay for it. Often the ‘best’ art is left unsold at exhibitions.

Gaining a prize, even a judges’ commendation for your work means that you are a winner too!

If you have never done so, why not take up the challenge and enter an art award. Feedback is critical for artists and there’s no better place to start than by having your work judged by your peers.

Everyone who enters is a winner!

Today’s images are (top) a drawing that was a prize winner for me last month, and (bottom) a drawing that gained a prize last November.


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3 Responses to HOW TO WIN AN ART PRIZE: Part 3.

  1. daliana says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts…very helpful for me!
    …and your drawings…wow…light and shadows… and those colors
    and textures…! Thanks again and have a good time today, Richard!

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