Nature continues to be an inspiration for my art whether it’s realism or abstraction.

Today’s image is a quick working drawing that I outlined on paper, scanned and then colour-filled in Photoshop. The idea is to develop the patterns on the many rocks that I am currently drawing and “drag” them out from the surface of each rock and onto the surrounding areas of the pastel board that I use for my coloured pencil art.

This type of drawing is well suited to digital art, but I want to explore the possibilities with coloured pencil first.

Working on a single subject for a long time can be quite boring. Looking at such a subject as rocks in a new light not only creates new possibilities, but re-kindles one’s passion for their art.

More tomorrow.



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4 Responses to NATURAL ABSTRACTS: Part 1.

  1. Tomas says:

    I perfectly understood what you have meant by talking about the new light in old subjects. Prior discovering the computer, I painted with oil for a long time and thus became used to mix certain paints automatically (without thinking about what I was doing) My new paintbrush demanded the new mastery and thus new technique changed my approach at what was already the dull nitty-gritty so to speak. The digitals awoke and enabled me to discover the light again.

  2. It’s rare I find a blog which makes us wish to read more. You have a good writing style so I will continue and read more.

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