Yesterday began with showers, but with faith in our weather forecasters, we set off for Cheshunt, a historic farming property in the Meander Valley, for an art workshop. What a great day it was!

The sun shone and the crows crowed, as I took 13 artists from the Launceston Art Society on a tour following an informative history talk by the Paul, the owner of the property.

The purpose of the workshop was to show the members of the group how to fully analyse a subject before deciding not only how to interpret an idea, but what it is they intended  to say with their work. I am hoping that as a result of this visit to Cheshunt, that the members will enter the prestigious Meandering art exhibition in November.

Over the next week I will discuss the various ways I introduced some of the aspects of the property. The day wasn’t intended to produce finished artwork. Members were encouraged to collect ideas through note taking, sketching, photography and even rubbings.

While walking around I managed to take nearly 150 photos to add to my Cheshunt collection.

I am featuring a selection of the photos I took (one each day) on my photoblog and began with a photo of a ‘visitor’ yesterday.

You can see this work at:

More tomorrow.


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14 Responses to CHESHUNT ART CLASS 1.

  1. Dors says:

    What a wonderful site to see. Artists gathering. What a fun day it must have been. I am so pleased the weather was good to you Richard, having already put this event off.

    What a wonderful place. Wish I was there too.

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