My art class at Cheshunt on Friday was divided into three parts: a history lesson from Paul, the owner, a tour before lunch and time in the afternoon for the participants to spend some time at the various parts of the property that most interested them.

During the tour I wanted the artists to become detectives and fully investigate all that was around them. I asked them to:

1. Look into windows from both the outside and inside.

2. Walk around an object or building a get a 360 degree view and understanding (as well as a fuller appreciation) at what they were looking at.

3. Note the weathering of the buildings and the objects within them.

4. View the surrounding landscape, particularly as seen from the buildings’ windows or open doorways and cracks/gaps in the walls.

5. To pay special attention to the many examples of mark-making, such as scratches, bird droppings, graffiti, scrapes, rust  etc.

6. To note the silence, both inside and out.

7. Ponder the historical significance of the property.

8. The examples of reclamation by Nature.

9. The floors in each building.

10. The wonderful old, rusty farm parts on the ground.

11. The shadows cast by the trees onto the buildings.

12. The reflections on the panes of glass.

So much to see and absorb!

More tomorrow.


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