Today I have posted a sample of some of the ‘research’ work that was produced at last Friday’s art class. I will post some more examples tomorrow.

The artists involved had only two hours in which to produce some sketches, take notes and  further photographs, make rubbings ( I will post some examples during the week) and carefully explore the areas that most interested them.

I was not looking for nor did I expect, any finished artwork, but later in the week I will show you a watercolour that is truly quite superb ‘as-is’.

When time is limited it is imperative that you work quickly. Accuracy is really not that important in these circumstances. What is required is that the artist understands and appreciates what they are looking at. Getting the ‘mood’, light, shadow, colours and textures are vital if we are to come to terms with expressing an idea in visual terms. Make notes, describe what you see both (in this case) visually and historically.

The artists have become forensic scientists!

More tomorrow.


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