Being able to record images quickly is a great skill that really comes to the fore on such occasions as my recent art class at Cheshunt.

I have posted a few examples today and all of them capture the ‘mood’ of the subject rather well. These are exploratory works that give one a fleeting glimpse of what is on offer. They can form the basis of a major painting. The more sketches one does, the more information one can ‘draw’ from. Having a camera handy is certainly an advantage.

Do you have a sketch book and use it to record ‘plein-air’ ? I use a fine point felt pen these days after using a biro for many years. I prefer them because of the strong, fine line that they possess. Many artists use blacklead pencils, others pen and wash or watercolour and wash. Water soluble pencils are great for such work.

These ‘quick’ images are not often classed as finished works of art, but there are times when something ‘special’ is created, and I will share that with you tomorrow.


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8 Responses to CHESHUNT ART CLASS 4.

  1. Gillian says:

    These are a joy to the eye, Richard. There’s something about old, delapidated buildings – why doesn’t age improve me in the same way? LOL

  2. You are a mature, competent artist Gillian, not an old one!
    Thanks for your comments.

  3. Tomas says:

    While viewing your sketches I enjoyed the breath of a day. Thank you dear Richard.
    Your pictures talk without words – “plein air”‘s images report much more than the freamedpictures (they are free from any prejudices we inadvertently but inescapably put in our statements) Thus I always accept posibility to glimpse at a sketch book as the greatest gift ( as the artist’s total trust in generosity of other)
    As I looked at your doors, once again, the cross gazed at me from the picture and simple sketch became the great symbol – I realized that I am viewing not a sketch, but visualize our diaries…
    Thank you for these unexpected yet so lovely discoveries

  4. artkleko says:

    Thank you Tomas for your insightful words.

  5. daliana says:

    Wonderful places, special time, beautiful sketches… I know the feelings
    … going out and draw… Good luck to you all and be inspired!
    Best wishes!

  6. Dors says:

    Great sketches. Love the old relics. Old timber, rusty bits and pieces. So wonderful to draw. Wish I was in Cheshunt with you all.

  7. Cheshunt certainly is a wonderful place for artists.

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