Today’s post features a ‘gem’ of a watercolour by Margaret, that was produced during last week’s art class. Isn’t it wonderful!

Keen, quick observation has paid off, as this work really describes its subject, not only in visual terms, but  also places it in its historical context.

I particularly love the treatment of the roof.

This is a very innocent painting, full of character. Such work is free of the many constraints we place on art that can be often over-planned, over-detailed and over-worked.

Well done Margaret!

Tomorrow: Robert’s Rubbings!


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2 Responses to CHESHUNT ART CLASS 5.

  1. Dors says:

    Very nice Margaret. Love the old timber. Great job.

  2. Margaret says:

    Thanks Dors – sometimes having a malfunction with your little camera pays off! I’m trying now to convert that image into a larger work – without losing the spontaneousness / innocence.
    Going well so far!
    We couldn’t have a better, more inspirational tutor than Richard – we’re truly blessed margaret

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