Rubbings by Robert.

Have you ever incorporated rubbings with your art?

When I was a high school teacher, my students would often take rubbings when we were on art excursions. The headstones in graveyards were very popular,.

At Cheshunt, Robert found some interesting brands to take rubbings from. What wonderful textures they have. What stories they (could) tell. Can Robert use these rubbings in his art? If so, how?

One could create a complete artwork using rubbings as a starting point.

Participants in last Friday’s art class at Cheshunt have gathered information through photos, drawing, watercolours and rubbings. I am looking forward to seeing what they create. Over the next few months I hope to post some completed artworks for your enjoyment.

As tomorrow is Good Friday, I shall post something appropriate for the day and the following two days. On Monday I shall post some examples of unusual views of Cheshunt that I recorded as a result of my last visit.



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2 Responses to CHESHUNT ART CLASS 6.

  1. Tomas says:

    Thank you for the wonderful reminder of the rubbings. They as if join together our dreams and the eternal truths – rubbings outwardly look like footprints of time. Wow, that’s the real art of being here and now to ponder deeper for to breath freely.
    Each your post awake me. Not only awake but inform go to put the revived visions to matter. I am eagerly looking forward to your new posts on that precious How-to
    Thank you once again – in my mind, I am always with you in your art classes

  2. Thank you Tomas for your comments. Later next week I shall post another ‘how-to’ series on abstract art.
    Regards, Richard

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