Do you paint by a set of rules?

Today, I thought I’d share with you a list of rules that the students of my next art classes will receive. Yes, I use them too!


Regardless of your intended painting being realistic or abstract, it’s vital that you get the composition right – what detail your painting contains and how that detail is arranged.

Points to consider:

What is the first thing anyone will see when looking at your painting for the first time?

What is the focal point?

What is a focal point?

What will sustain the interest of your painting to the viewer?

Are there any areas of mystery in your painting?

What are areas of mystery?

What does your painting mean?

Is a square composition the same as a rectangular one?

Is my personal style evident?

Is my composition balanced?


Respect the medium you are working with.

Select the most suitable medium for your subject.

Experiment with colour palettes.

Know when to stop.


A good painting deserves a good (and an appropriate) frame.

Only show your best work.

Make sure the back of your painting is properly sealed and labelled.

Today’s image is a photo that I took on Sunday of patterns in the beach at Kelso, in Northern Tasmania.



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3 Responses to PAINTING RULES

  1. oyz says:

    just visited your blog, please would you visit my blog, I hope my blog will give you new information, thank you

  2. daliana says:

    This rules are quite good for applying in our daily life , also…ha ha…
    Thanks for sharing…
    Yes, they are the main rules for an artist: painter, photographer, etc….

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