Today I am at Burnie, on Tasmania’s Northwest Coast and I’m taking an art class. The theme is Painting Without Brushes. I will post some examples from the class in the next few days.

I have included some of the notes that I prepared:

Why do we usually paint with brushes?

Are there any alternative ways to paint?

Do we need to change our thinking when painting without brushes?

Select some mountboard pieces and icy pole sticks and play.

  1. Experiment with technique (mixing, applying paint).
  2. Paint a quick composition from your imagination.
  3. Select a rock (or two) and some of the printed images.
  4. Quickly draw 2 or 3 compositions in graphite pencil (use a cut-out frame to help you select the right composition).
  5. Read the Rules of Painting notes.
  6. Select the drawing that you like best.
  7. Mix a colour palette as close to the colours from your selected rock.
  8. Mix a colour palette that in no way resembles the original colour scheme of your selected rock (complimentary?).
  9. Mix a monochromatic colour palette (1 colour + black + white).
  10. Choose one of the above three options, and produce a painting.

When you have completed your first painting you should be looking at a pure abstract in its own right.

Now let’s get serious!

Following steps 1 – 5, design and create a finished painting. For this I suggest you select a new rock or work from a group of rocks.

Today’s painting is of a waterfall at the Apsley Gorge, on Tasmania’s East Coast. I painted this without any brushes, just pieces of mountboard and acrylic paint.


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