Landscape near Palmerston, Northern Tasmania.

Woodblock ink on masonite   600 x 1200 cm.

While preparing for yesterday’s art class I came across a painting that I produced almost 30 years ago. This is an interesting piece in that not only was it painted without brushes, but an unusual medium was applied instead of paint.

Part of my high school art curriculum at the time involved teaching students to paint with palette knives. I decided to use pieces of mountboard to apply the paint with. At the time the art department had rather a large amount of printmaking ink that simply refused to dry once it was used. What does one do with all this ink? Use it for painting of course! The ink was stiff and was easily applied to sheets of primed masonite. In fact it was fun to work with in this manner.

After several months the ink did dry!


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  1. Christine Lillas says:

    Thanks for the exciting and very informative day yesterday Richard!

    really enjoyed exploring your methodology using the mountboard, sticks etc and the landscapes and patterns within the rocks are absolutely fascinating!

    Christine Lillas

    • artkleko says:

      Thank you Christine, I’m glad you enjoyed the day as much as I did. Art groups like yours are quite special and are to be treasured not only for their comradeship, but their contribution to the art community of Tasmania.
      The first of 5 posts on yesterday’s class will appear tomorrow.
      Regards, Richard

  2. Gillian says:

    I love that painting, Richard – so clever to do it without brushes too.

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