On Saturday I conducted an art class for 12 members of the Burnie Coastal Art Group in their headquarters at Upper Burnie. What a wonderful set-up the group has – a large studio, gallery space, kitchen, toilet block and storage area and it’s all theirs! The group has about 60 active members, conducts weekly art classes, and holds regular exhibitions, the highlight being their annual TasArt Exhibition, one of Tasmania’s most prestigious art awards.

The theme for the day was painting without brushes and after an introduction I got the group to draw the patterns they saw from some of the rocks I had brought along. We use cartridge paper and graphite pencils.

The next stage involved experimenting with the application of paint via a range of small mountboard pieces and icy pole sticks using their drawings as starting points. Have you ever painted like this? It’s not as easy and straight-forward as you may think. You need to hold your mountboard in a different way to that of a brush. Stroke-making is different to a brush and it’s hard to have the control that a brush has especially for delicate areas. The enthusiasm of the group though, ensured that this technique would be successfully employed by everyone.

During the week I shall discuss how the day unfolded and on Friday I shall post some examples that I consider finished, successful works of art.

Tomorrow: Organising one’s work area for a no- brush workshop.


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2 Responses to BURNIE ART CLASS 1.

  1. Gillian says:

    I’m not sure what icy pole sticks are but this class looks like a lot of fun!

    • artkleko says:

      The sticks are used in ice blocks and ice creams here in Australia. In the next few weeks I will post a photo featuring the ‘tools of the trade’.

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