Part 2 of last Saturday’s art class that I conducted for 12 members of the Burnie Coastal Art Group.

It’s essential that you organise your work area especially when working with an unfamiliar technique. Everyone used acrylic paints, PVA glue, mountboard pieces in a variety of sizes, icy pole sticks, hair dryers,  a palette or plate, as well as mountboard sheets, watercolour paper and canvasses to paint on.

By adding glue the paint became thicker, not too much though, as the paint became lighter in tone. The longer one left the paint with glue out to dry, the stiffer it became.

This is potentially messy work. One needs to mix each colour thoroughly to avoid dirty colours.

Besides their graphite drawings of rock patterns, members had rocks and a selection of images that I had prepared that featured close-up views of various rock surfaces.

This was the time of the day to experiment, to see what worked and what didn’t. This was the time to be brave and patient!

Why a hair dryer, you ask? Because some of the painted areas were quite thick, hair dryers were used to quickly dry the paint to enable other layers to be applied. It worked!

Tomorrow I will show you some examples from the morning session.


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