Today I am featuring 6 paintings that in my opinion, are resolved and worthy of recognition.

They all show a sound understanding of the required technique, are well-balanced composition-wise and are pleasing to the eye.

I love the colours and freedom in the top painting. The arrangement of shapes and the vertical rhythm combine wonderfully well.

The second painting called ‘Islands in the Stream’, by several of the class, is very rock-like, but at the same time full of abstract movement.

Painting 3 was produced late in the afternoon, and quickly, but it works! I love the strokes employed and its softness.

Painting 4 (left) is very landscape-like. The colours work extremely well together.

Painting 5 (right) has a wonderful mood and a mysterious appeal.

Painting 6 is full of marks and textures; a clever composition of horizontal strokes bisected by carefully placed vertical lines.

What we great day we all had!

Today I am conducting an art class in the historic village of Evandale, on Northern Tasmania. We will be painting Autumn abstracts and I shall post a series of reports soon.



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2 Responses to BURNIE ART CLASS 5.

  1. Lorraine McNeair says:

    Richard, I didn’t really thank you for the wonderful, inspiring lesson you gave us on Saturday. Thank you also for the comments you made about our works.

  2. It was a pleasure Lorraine. Thank you for your kind comments.

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