Here is a selection of major paintings from last Friday’s art class. Not all the work was finished, but it will be soon!

You will notice that loud palettes are much in favour.

I particularly admire the first single image, a square canvas by Margaret ( starring once again). This painting epitomizes all that Autumn is about. It has colour, texture and balance –  a visual feast. Well done Margaret!

Some of the images have a strong landscape feel to them, others are more abstract in design.

What was so encouraging from my point of view was that everyone approached the theme of Autumn in a very different way. I would love to see many of these paintings on a larger scale, at least life-size.

I think most abstract paintings should be large. Their detail is often scarce in content and they need to arouse the senses. Small abstracts don’t stand out, large examples can really grab you.

A great day with a great group of people!



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