Last Saturday I had the pleasure of viewing an exhibition of abstract paintings by Gardenia Palmer at the Artisan Gallery in the magnificent Tamar Valley in Northern Tasmania.

Time Lapse is a visual documentation of seasonal rural activity and features extensive examples of mark making, both by man and nature.

The paintings are beautifully executed and the collection of works are engaging to the eye.

Contours, fence lines, Spring growth, bushfires and hillsides are depicted. There are examples of layering and weaving, giving a tapestry-look to some of the paintings. Mark-making is deliberate and at times intense.

There are some subdued paintings, but many are joyous, happy and vibrant.

I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition and commend the gallery for featuring abstract art in what is in Tasmania, a conservative art market.

The exhibition closes tomorrow.



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One Response to REVIEW: TIME LAPSE

  1. Tomas says:

    Thank you for the wonderful pictures. This abstract art as if overview our whole life and put us under a charm towards the light that awakes the grateful smile.
    You greatly expanded my horizons and I want to sing – to say something warm for my rough tongue do not spot these colors – Thank you once again.

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