The complexity, yet simplicity of the structure of a leaf created so many delightful spaces to visit. Each section worthy of a painting in its own right – the texture, the dividing veins, the way nature has added its own marks led me on an interesting journey – Nature Trail.” Margaret Baker, Artist.

Margaret’s painting is worthy of high praise and I’m proud to feature it as the first in my Abstract of the Month series.

Abstract art is gaining momentum in Northern Tasmania and recognition in what has been a traditional art market.

One can see the details that are typical of an Autumn leaf, but there is much more to this painting than mere representation. This painting is a textural delight. The canvas has become a ‘skin’ full of soft tones and delicate raised areas. it adheres to the ‘traditional aspects’ of an Autumn painting – decay, fractured colours, fading, crumbling and deterioration. But there’s structure and certainty in its composition.

This is a beautifully balanced painting, that gives visual pleasure and is a bridge-builder between realism and pure abstraction.



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  1. Katie says:

    Where can i find more of Margaret Bakers work ?

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