I hate waste, especially where art materials are concerned. Prices keep rising and it’s not easy being an artist these days!

I use hundreds of coloured pencils each year, but when each pencil is about 10 cm long, I have to stop using them because I cannot hold them in my hand.

Thank goodness for pencil extenders!

My wife Val, bought me a Derwent pencil extender on Saturday and it fits all the small pencils that I have faithfully stored in a box for the past 4 years, hoping that one day I will be able to use them, and now I can!

The simple inventions are the best …



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6 Responses to WASTE NOT, WANT NOT

  1. Tomas says:

    You are so right, it’s not easy being an artist these days. So your success gladdens me. You found the extender to your pencils, meanwhile many around weren’t so successful. Market economy forced many good artists to put down their paintbrushes. Thus cost of artistic materials raise moral questions – portray the sad picture of the love.

  2. Timothy Quinn says:

    What a totally brilliant idea!

    I so need to get one!!

  3. Gillian says:

    Brilliant tool – and you’re so right about the need to be thrifty and conserve whatever materials we have. My own way of using the little ends of pencils is to super-glue the end of one to a full new one in the same colour, so it becomes a double ender. It’s odd to use such a very long pencil but it works a treat.

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