I’ve always told my students that drawing a complicated subject is much easier than one that lacks detail. You can make mistakes in a very detailed drawing and nobody need know that you have done so. There’s a case for not featuring all the detail in some subjects.

But drawing simple objects/subjects is a very different matter. Everyone can clearly see what you have drawn and on occasions, what you have left out.

Choosing the right colours can be difficult too if you have a limited palette. Three-coloured landscapes are a real challenge!

Lately after tea, after blogging, I have picked up a visual diary and have ‘doodled’ with a fine liner. I draw what’s in my head at the time or develop an idea that I have had that day, usually the result of several hours’ work in my studio.

As you can see, today’s images are landscapes. I am also working on simplifying some of my rock studies that have been a strong feature of my drawing so far this year. I will publish some examples soon.


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2 Responses to SIMPLE IS HARD

  1. Gillian says:

    I enjoy graphic art and this a great collection – in fact they’d look good framed up together. I can visualise them developed as lino-cut prints too. Great inspiration as always, Richard.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Gillian. Like many other ‘ageing’ artists, I seem to take more pleasure in simplifying than detailing. I like to employ my imagination to work out what’s happening in various paintings rather than have all the information there for me to see.

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