The cost of living continues to rise and artists are not immune from price rises. Sales tax is an unfortunate burden that we all must experience, but why are art prices so high and getting higher?

Living on the island of Tasmania near the bottom of the planet, has many advantages, but the cost of freight is not one of them!

Having an Australian Business Number (ABN), you would think that I could purchase art materials at wholesale prices or at least, a discount. Some companies will not deal with artists in my position. If you aren’t a retailer of art materials, you can’t buy direct. I have to buy through an established retailer.

Faced with this situation I am careful when buying art materials. The Internet has given me some ‘financial relief’ in that there is a huge range of art material suppliers. I have ‘found’ a very reliable retailer on the Australian mainland and I receive excellent service. In Launceston, I shop at two local art retailers, and purchase small amounts of what I need at the time. There is an excellent art shop in Hobart that receives my custom from time to time.

The difference in price from local retailers to mainland suppliers is quite noticeable. Being a small market the range of art materials here in Tasmania is somewhat restricted.

I plan my art material needs well ahead and buy in bulk early. This method will save you money.

More tomorrow.


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  1. A broadbrush article on the safety concerns of artists’ materials can be found at Pixelated Palette. Cheryl Custom

  2. Gillian says:

    I understand why art materials are expensive – we all enjoy the technology that brings us archival papers and fade resistant pigments and they come at a price, but living ‘out in the sticks’ as both you and I do, it’s hard to be at the mercy of local retailers who often have to put in huge orders to get discounts from suppliers without the necessary turnover to fund it. Thank goodness for the internet though!

    Mind you, it’s still frustrating not to be able to get some of the wonderful stuff that’s available in the USA!

  3. David Art says:

    A broadbrush article on the safety concerns of artists’ materials can be found at Pixelated Palette. David Art

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