Can you paint the same subject, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year? I can’t but I know some artists who can. I don’t know how they do it, or even why they do it. One really needs to take a break from such a routine, now and then.

Art is not just about ‘doing’, it’s about process, enjoyment and passion. I wonder if real creativity exists when production is all that matters. Artists need to be immersed in their work, but not ignorant of the world around them.

There are dangers when you work with the same theme for an extended period of time:

All your paintings tend to look the same (the rubber stamp look).

You can become product-driven and lose touch with the process.

Your work becomes tight, there’s little variation.

As an artist you stop ‘growing’.

Selling you work can become more important than the work itself.

You become scared of failure and always paint what you ‘know’.

Taking a break from your art gives you the opportunity to:

Take a breather, rest and evaluate what you have been doing.

Focus on solving any nagging problems you have with your art.

Try something new and different.

Experiment with materials, styles and subject matter.

Challenge yourself.

See your current theme in a new light.

Re-invigorate your outlook (passion) on your art.

Get out and see what other artists are doing.

More tomorrow.

Today’s images are some of my ‘rock’ theme drawings.



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2 Responses to TAKING A BREAK 1.

  1. April Jarocka says:

    An excellent post Richard. As you know well I have been questioning myself about my own subject matter for a long time. Afraid that I won’t be able to move on and grow. Thanks for this. And thanks for dropping into my blog so frequently.
    All the best

  2. Richard Klekociuk says:

    Thank you April. It was you who inspired me to write “Taking a Break”. I always look forward to reading your blog entries. I hope one day to see your wonderful paintings!
    Regards, Richard

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