Being an artist is not easy, in fact it’s (for me) quite depressing at times. My art is not commercial or popular to the extent that it’s always in demand. You will no doubt be saying at this point in time, “why do you do it?” I do it because I can…….I do not derive my income from my art so I’m not under pressure to sell at all costs. To compound things even further I am passionate about coloured pencils. I wish the buying public shared my enthusiasm! I’m not a fan of the amount of ‘illustration’ that is so popular with coloured pencil artists. My work is about mark making, and I try to ‘paint’ with my pencils. I believe that this medium can stand alongside all other art mediums, particularly paint, but in order to achieve that status one needs to ‘raise the bar’ and see what coloured pencils are really capable of.

Having mark making as my main theme, I try to vary the subject matter I work with. I find that after 2 or 3 drawings of the same theme I have to change subject matter or simply take a break from my drawing. I tend to continue my art in other areas. My computer is a popular choice for me as I have a strong interest in digital art. I also love painting, preferring the process to the product. With drawings it’s more the product than the process.

I cannot ‘mass produce’ my art. I need variation and from time to time, changes in direction.

Taking a break now and then is not only a good idea, but it’s essential if you want to maintain the passion for your work.

Today’s images are examples from my Bread theme.



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2 Responses to TAKING A BREAK 2.

  1. Gillian says:

    You know I love colour pencils too and I also love the fact that your work is uniquely yours and that you don’t strive for a photographic likeness – something I turned against, as I’ve stated before.
    I certainly think that CP work is more accepted now – probably more than digital, apart from for the web. – so keep the flag flying!

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks for your encouraging words Gillian. It’s been a battle at times, especially lately, but I am in the midst of starting in a new direction and I’m pleased with the first results of my endeavours.
      Love your work and your attitude towards your art.
      Regards, Richard

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